Event: Free Family Self-Defence Class

Date and Time: May 13, 2017 3-5 pm (this class was so much fun!)

Location: NTC

This class is a fun and exciting way for the whole family to spend time together all while learning National Training Centre’s amazing self-defence program! All ages are welcome and at least one parent must participate. This class is free, a waiver will be available to sign on the day of class.

This class will run 2X a month on Fridays.

HOME SCHOOL New Time & Date
Ready to handle the challenges of Life.
National Self Protection Training Centre has a daytime program just for Abbotsford’s Home School community. Enjoy this exciting program while improving physical strength, physical condition, physical coordination, mental control and Personal Safety skills. This program provides effective tools for conflict avoidance and self-protection. Build personal confidence, Develop self-discipline.
All topics covered are based on real world solutions backed by in field experience and scientific evidence. Everything we teach has a practical value and we do not teach religious or superstitious philosophies. Our goal is to foster the development of self-reliance and personal accountability by providing the environment and teachings that build personal confidence and courage to equip and empower individuals to think ahead, inform themselves and make critical life choices based on their own due diligence rather than just going with the flow or following the crowd.

Basic Foundation
October 6, 2017 to November 3 2017
P.E. credit approved
5 Friday Classes 11:00 pm.(1.5 hour)
Ages 8-12
Ages 13-17
$120.00 per person (120.00 + 6.00 = 126.00)
Limited space preregister required

Advanced program
October 6, 2017 to November 3 2017 (Note: min. of 10 persons registered to run this class)
P.E. credit approved
5 Friday Classes 11:00 am. (1hour)
Prerequisite; Completion of Basic program two or more times along with instructor’s approval.
Ages 9-17 years
$120.00 per person (all students )