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Adult KB Beg.
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Fitness & TRX
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Adult KB Adv.
Adult KB Adv.
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Physical and Psychological Preparation for Confrontations

Over 40 years of hard style Martial Arts resulted in excellent fitness, a wealth of knowledge and great skill, but the hard earned injuries accumulated along the way began to catch up. That is, until discovering a new approach to training through the Russian Martial Art called Systema.  My name is John Parker and I am the president of National Training Centre located in downtown Abbotsford, B.C. where we have specialized in teaching practical non-sport martial arts since 1995. Systema has been instrumental in my recovery from old injuries and rejuvenating my overall health and wellbeing.  If I had this knowledge when I was younger, I would have avoided many injuries and I am pleased to share this knowledge with others who are looking to live an adventurous life while regaining and preserving their youthful vitality.

National Training Centre is pleased to present:


Physical and Psychological Preparation for Confrontations

Special Guest: Igor Ponizov

A highly experienced and dedicated Systema Instructor, Igor comes highly recommended by Vladimir and is one of his top instructors at Systema HQ Toronto.

Igor has trained under the world renowned Systema master Vladimir Vasiliev for almost 20 years.

Born in Russia, Igor is also a Judo Sports Master Candidate of the Russian Olympic Reserve with an extensive experience in Sambo and other martial arts.

The Combative Body is a body without fear and anger, ready to deal with any situation.

Proper breathing, working against the fear, relaxation, and joint health are four steps before your first punch.

This dynamic seminar includes total preparation for improved health and contact in confrontations:

  • Absolutely unique warm-ups and breath training,
  • Bodyweight Massage,
  • Joints tapping and pressure massage,
  • Drills for taking tension out of your body,
  • Discovering the direct connection between bodywork and preparation for combat,
  • Learning the advantage of relaxation and breathing while delivering and protecting yourself from the punches,
  • The principles of using breathing and relaxation against knife, stick, and two opponents.

Enjoy a perfect series of Systema exercises focused on developing flawless movement and striking abilities, dissipating soreness, gaining understanding of what “relaxed” really means, knocking out fear and achieving internal strength.

Systema seminars cater to ALL levels of skill and are run in a manner that puts the health and wellbeing of participants at the forefront. Those studying other arts will also receive great benefit in the methods of Systema and find the information readily applicable.

Through solid and progressive work, Igor will provide ways for all to explore, and ultimately, extend their capacities.

This is an open event – beginners and experienced practitioners are all welcome.

Systema Seminar – January 28-29, 2017.

Registration: $220.00

(Christmas Special $190.00 before December 30th)

Help us spread the word, download the seminar poster and share it with your friends.