Custom Workshops

Private Groups


Hard Target Street Safety Seminar: 4-8 hour workshop. In Hard Target we give you the knowledge and ability to recognize and avoid danger and the physical skills to deal with unavoidable confrontations. You will learn the most effective immediate action self-defence skills while developing a “NEVER GIVE UP!” attitude to overcome life’s challenges making you a ‘Hard Target’ for violence and crime.

Custom work shops can be designed specifically for you and your organization.



Personal training Services

• Personal training for physical abilities testing (POPAT/SOPAT/COPAT)
• Private lessons for basic combative Kickboxing skills.
• Private lessons for Self Defence
• Personal Fitness training


• Private training in self protection for high functioning Autistic children.

Autism, Developmental Disorders, and Unique Physical Limitations

One-on-one, customized training provided for those on the spectrum or students with unique obstacles to overcome in order to successfully learn and perform the material provided by National Training Centre. This would include all programs at National Training Centre; Self-Defence Kickboxing, Systema, Defendo, or any fitness program. We pride ourselves in using creative solutions that encourage growth, motivation and enthusiasm for movement and interpersonal skills.

Cost: $60.00 per hour