Youth Martial Arts & Personal Safety Program.

Ready to handle the challenges of Life?

Looking to improve self-confidence and personal safety? National Training Centre’s Self-Defence Kickboxing is an excellent choice.

We care about future generations, which is why National training centre has researched and developed an incomparable youth program specially designed to prepare youth to succeed in the world today. Our exciting and disciplined program teaches real world self-defence skills covering a wide range of common attacks including strikes, grabs, ambushes as well as defending and recovering from the ground. This program is presented in a positive, challenging environment and is designed to connect and build on natural survival instincts allowing for seamless integration into day to day life.

A high standard of character is developed through this mentally stimulating and physically challenging program contributing to increased courage to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure and challenges of life. Training, in our Kickboxing class will make you safer, smarter and give you tools to succeed in all other areas of life.

Self-defence Kickboxing.

a nonsport form of mixed martial arts combining Kickboxing, Defendo and Russian Systema.

Striking is the primary human self-defence weapon and when complemented with effective standing and ground grappling along with a tactical approach to managing your safety, it will equip you with a complete set of skills to increase your confidence and make you a hard target for crime. This mixed martial art combines Kickboxing Modern Defendo and Russian Systema to capitalize on the valuable skills and tactics honed by professionals from policing to military. It is presented in modules including Strikes, Escape From Holds, Ground Defence & Recovery, Street Tactics and Weapons Defence.

KICKBOXING focuses on your natural instinct to strikeout in defensive situations. This system focuses on a practical approach to honing your natural weapons, “hands, feet, elbows and knees” for effective use in self-defence. It allows the defender the advantage of mobility to defend against multiple threats and escape from dangerous situations. Strikes are used throughout the training and seamlessly connect all elements of this program.

DEFENDO, developed and used by police and military, is a complete, practical, and extremely effective self-defence system utilizing a mixture of martial arts combined with police and military tactics and scenario training. The combative skills derived from this system have been pressure tested by professionals in real-life crisis situations and are designed for rapid learning and deployment. The Defendo system provides solid training in a full range of realistic combative techniques including effective defence against frontal assaults, rear assaults, ground fighting, weapons, surprise attacks, and much more. Training drills are designed to develop your ability to react effectively and without hesitation to the common threats in the real world.

RUSSIAN SYSTEMA focuses on developing body intelligence, improving intuition, control over your emotions, and your psyche in stressful situations and is woven into this program to improve your overall results and experience in training.

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Ages 13-16yrs. 

  Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 pm.